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Event report

April 10th 2019 05:03 AM – Volcano Activity – VA-20190410-67406-NZL

Base information

EDIS Code: VA-20190410-67406-NZL
Event date: April 10th 2019 05:03 AM
Category: Volcano Activity
Continent: Australia - New-Zealand
Country: New Zealand
State: North Island
Location: [Mt Ruapheu Volcano]
Coordinate: -39.281355297866,175.56537757987 (WGS84 decimal)

CAP Information

Category: Geo - Geophysical (inc. landslide)
Urgency: Past - Responsive action is no longer required
Severity: Moderate - Possible threat to life or property
Scope: Public - For general dissemination to unrestricted audiences
Certainty: Observed - Determined to have occurred or to be ongoing

Event details

High temperatures and increased seismic activity have been recorded at Mt Ruapheu’s Crater Lake. GNS Science duty volcanologist Agnes Mazot said the levels of volcanic tremors typically increased when the lake temperature rose and this had been the case in the last two weeks. The Volcanic Alert Level remained at one. Mazot said, since 2009, GNS had continuously recorded the temperature of Te Wai a-moe (Crater Lake) and over this time the temperature had often cycled between 15C and 45C over a period of about 12 months. In the six months since September 2018 the lake temperature remained elevated at 30C and over the last two weeks, the lake temperature had risen further at a rate of around 0.5C per day, to 42°C on April 9. Mazot said to put this in context, only 1 percent of post-2009 temperatures had exceeded 42C and similar temperature last occurred in May 2016. The current tremor intensity is moderate. In previous heating cycles, these increased tremors lasted for a few days to several weeks. In the past, eruptions at Mt Ruapehu had occurred more often when the lake exceeded 45C, however, a temperature of 46C was recorded in 2016 with no eruption. Mazot said while Volcano Alert Level 1 was minor unrest, eruptions could occur with little or no warning. GNS Science continues to closely monitor Mt Ruapehu and our other active volcanoes.

Event map

Google Maps for the region of the event

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